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Canada Square (Love in London #3)Canada Square by Carrie Elks
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5 Stars!!!

I was given this book in turn for an honest review.

Amy Cartwright now single and free has a plan; get a degree, get a job and leave her home town. Callum Ferguson wants a simple straightforward life; he’s resided to being alone. They share an instant attraction, fighting it is fruitless. Pursuing each other could cost them their jobs; is it worth the risk?

This is the first book of Carrie Elks I have read and I can safely say it will not be my last! I was enthralled within the first few pages and found it hard to break away from the story when real life was demanding my attention. I absolutely loved this contemporary romance. The main characters found a space in my heart just for them. I found myself smiling with a big cheesy grin and laughing at their natural and all-consuming rapport, they were the kind of characters you can relate to in some way and imagine being friends with.

Amy had a wicked sense of humour and considering her jackass of an ex and an over bearing family who deep down did in fact only have her best interests at heart, she was a strong and wonderful woman. She was loyal, friendly, independent, and intelligent with a wonderful sarcastic sense of humour. Her new job definitely changed her for the better, she found an aura of strength she didn’t realise she had and she wouldn’t allow anyone to undermine or demean her.

Callum appeared to be a very grouchy, conceited man; he was all work and no play. Deep down he was also a caring, intelligent, thoughtful man with a sense humour that matched Amy’s perfectly. As time progressed the truly wonderful, charming and all-consuming romantic and sexy man who wasn’t afraid to show his true emotions made more of an appearance. Without any doubt I fell and fell hard for Callum Ferguson.

Canada Square is an intense contemporary romance, one with two souls that find each other and struggle to fight against the inevitable. Their hearts beat as one and no amount of denying it will change that fact. The connection they share is soul bound and they help to rebuild each other; Amy helps to mend Callum’s broken soul, whilst he in turn protects her and supports her to follow her dreams.

This story isn’t without its twists and turns that keep you on your toes or with characters you will find yourself wanting to throttle first hand and show them what karma really looks like!

This romance will captivate you; the suspense and romance will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, pleading that they get the happy ever after they deserve.

If you love contemporary romances, with characters you love and an all-consuming story line that holds so many possibilities, without a doubt you will love Canada Square by Carrie Elks.

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