Review – Tainted Lovers by Sarah Michelle Lynch – 5 Stars!!!

Tainted LoversTainted Lovers by Sarah Michelle Lynch
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5 stars!!!

I was given this book in turn for an honest review

Is it possible for two people to survive an all-consuming, powerful love when their souls are dark and their pasts torment their every turn? Are they bound for life or bound for destruction?

Sarah Michelle Lynch has totally and completely blown be away with Tainted Lovers. This story consumed me mind, body and soul; taking me on an emotional rollercoaster I won’t ever forget.

She builds your heart full of love and hope, then slowly fills it with sorrow and sadness and as if that isn’t enough, out of the blue she rips your heart out and stamps on it, completely destroying it, leaving you broken and in my case floods of tears. I was more than ready to throw my kindle and demand that this can’t possibly be true!

The two main characters I fell completely in love with and routed for them from start to finish. I felt they both made mistakes and both deserved forgiveness. They both had failed to fully open up and let the other person in, allowing their pasts to dictate who they are and how their relationships should be. Both deserved happiness having lived a dark and torturous time previous to meeting each other. It was clear they held the key to mending each other’s dark, broken souls.

There were two characters I really did not like in this story and one I had suspicions of from the first moment I met them. With this said I never for one moment expected to learn what I did about them and safe to say it only added to my despise of them.

Michelle subtly and expertly created twists and turns with this story. None were clear, obvious or predictable; many left me in shock or surprise. One plot twist left me in complete shock and in a bubble of excitement. I didn’t see it coming and I was still unsure if to believe it was really happening. It was at this point that I knew without any doubt this book will be one of my top reads of 2016!

Tainted Lovers is an all-consuming twisted, suspense filled, and dark romance. The darkness to this story isn’t clear at first and hits you like a freight train.

It’s hard to fully sum up my feelings on this outstanding story without giving so much of the storyline away, all I can say is if you like your romances to have that uniqueness about them, with a little added mystery I highly recommend Tainted Lovers by Sarah Michelle Lynch.

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