Review – The Gamble by Xavier Neal – 5 Stars!!!

The GambleThe Gamble by Xavier Neal
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars!!!

I was given this book in turn for an honest review.

Luca Larson stops at nothing to get what he wants; including women. When he decides he wants Alexxa, will it be worth the gamble or will the wager prove to cost him everything?

Another fantastic 5 Star read from Xavier Neal. I loved every minute of this comedy romance by Xavier Neal. The characters are irresistible each with their own unique traits and loveable personalities. This story is full of humour and many a laugh out loud moments.

Luca Larson is the character you should dislike with a passion, yet you find yourself loving every self-assured inch of him. Although his morals were questionable, what cannot be denied is his honesty about them and his actions. Deep down he had a heart full of love to give and it was clear he acted how he did, to hide the demons he was fighting.

Alexxa is full of wit, she’s clever and the perfect friend. She could see people for who they really were and found the good in everyone. No matter who she was with she was full of fun and one liner jokes. I really loved her character; she challenged Luca and knew him better than he knew himself.

This story was a sweet, humorous contemporary romance that gives you a heart full of fun and love. It’s not without its frustrating moments and more than once I could have happily slapped Luca, although I’d have been hugging him afterwards too; he really is that irresistible and deep down I knew he didn’t intentionally want to hurt anyone.

If you have read any of Xavier Neal’s books before you won’t want to miss this one and if you love humorous contemporary romances you will definitely want to give The Gamble a try.



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