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Addison is a typical teen, who worries only about the relatively insignificant things in life like; college, friends, boy bands and passing her driving test.

Little does Addy know, life is about to put her to the test when she becomes the object of an addiction, an infatuation and an obsession on a level she cannot begin to comprehend.

As the weather turns frosty and the icy season draws in Addison finds that, someone she assumed to be a relatively innocent secret admirer, is taking things to the next level and their thoughts are colder, darker and more sinister than the freezing winter nights.

But how do you stop a faceless, nameless stalker when even authorities can’t find the culprit?

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At 10.45am I’m sat staring at the TV. My hairs pulled back in a messy ponytail, but it’s washed. I’m in Nike jogging bottoms and my Nameless hoody, but I’m dressed. I forced myself to ingest a slice of toast but it’s sat like a brick in my gut. I know I look like crap, but I feel worse than I look. I’ve seen the darken circles around my eyes and my pale complexion in the mirror, but frankly, I don’t give a shiny shit.

I sit on the sofa with my chin rested on my knees just staring beyond the TV, out of the window to the back garden.
What if he was stood there now? What would I do? In my current frame of mind I think I’d just sit here. My depression isn’t making me brave, I’m just past the point of caring what happens to me now. Do I really care about anything anymore? I find no enthusiasm for anything and just breathing feels like an effort. I feel empty.

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*´¨✫) Author Bio *´¨✫)

Helen J. Barnes is the author of the DJ Series and has recently moved into Romantic Suspense with her novel, Nameless. When not supporting her husbands DJ career and home educating her 3 children, Helen enjoys reading and blogging. She has an addiction to chocolate, Tom Hardy, The Walking Dead and anything related to Titanic.

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