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**Author Bio**

Tommy Crown is a graduate of UNLV where he earned a degree in Marketing. 

He achieved international recognition in 2009 for his debut novel, “A Night At The Oscars”, a scorching account of the lives of paid male escorts during Hollywood’s golden years. Written in first person, Crown denies the story has any truth to it…but grins.

In 2010, he began ghostwriting from the female POV for Hustler, and Bitch magazines. A feat not easily accomplished by many male authors of erotica.

A self described loner and fiercely independent story teller, he quite naturally self published his first e-book “I Will Love You For A Thousand Years” in 2014. To date he has added 8 more.

His latest release, “Midnight in Eden” is a classical story of good vs evil as Eve chases Cain through the ages to destroy him before he destroys all mankind. Crown delivers the action as only he can. And even though there are some grizzly scenes of evil, he manages to lead us to Eden with smiles on our faces.

Tommy refuses to write cookie cutter stories and moves from genre to genre with ease. An example are his children’s short stories, ‘The Locket’ and ‘Tomorrowland’, written for his own daughters and available on Amazon next to his other works. His latest children’s book, ‘The Incredible Mr. Dann’ was just released in time for Thanksgiving and should be fun to share with your children.

While he mainly writes raw and gritty erotica, some describe his work like, ‘watching an old B&W movie’ narrated by Humphrey Bogart.

Describing Anna DuPont from “After Dark in Casablanca”, Crown repeatedly refers to her as ‘the dame with over glossed lips’ that smoked unfiltered cigarettes so seductively, everyone stared.

Tommy believes in creating strong, believable characters in all his works and insists the characters shouldn’t just be part of a good story…they are the story.

His free stories are found at

His collective number of free reads would fill Yankee Stadium an astonishing 50 times.

You can find his work here under contemporary romance/erotica.

Tommy remains single and insists he is living the life in the greatest city in the world. What happens there, stays there.


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**Books by Tommy Crown**




Midnight In Eden by Tommy Crown


Join Eve as she chases her devilish son through the centuries to stop him from destroying mankind. Get ready for the fight to end all fights! This is NOT a bible story. Merely an entertaining look at the characters from the book of Genesis in the 21st century. Will Eve succeed or will Cain prevail?



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I Will Love You For A Thousand Years

Life’s journey begins with a single step….

Most teens experience a summer romance. Some have what it takes to stay the course and maneuver around life’s obstacles. Those teens are rare. Most simply sail on to their next love just over the horizon, in hopes of it not fading like the summer Sun.

Meet Garrett and Ginger. As different as night and day. Yet they connect. Follow their journey from a shimmering lake to running with the bulls, then blissfully strolling through some of the most dangerous cities in the world. Along the way, they meet new challenges in their efforts to reach happily ever after land.

There are, as one might expect, complications. Their journey takes years.

In the end… was it all worth it?


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