Review – Private by Xavier Neal – 5 Stars!!!

PrivatePrivate by Xavier Neal

5 Stars!!!

I was given this book in turn for an honest review.

Living a life of solitude Weston Wilcox was more than accustomed to the life he had chosen to live. When an unexpected guest turns his world of rules upside down, will he be ready for the explosion of beauty and freedom they bring into his life or will it all become too much?

This story took my breath away, Xavier Neal has a way to bring light on the most heart-breaking situations and bring love and joy into someones darkened, lonely world. I was captivated from the first chapter; her characters were intriguing and fascinating and the story line completely absorbed me. I had so many emotions with this book, sadness, compassion, love, sorrow, and moments where I was left with my mouth wide open in complete wonder.

Weston Wilcox is an enigma that you want to unravel and you want to know more about. From the first time, you meet him he finds a small place in your heart that slowly grows as the story evolves. He was a troubled man with a past that was haunting his present and his future. It was clear he had put too much burden and blame onto his shoulders for circumstances that were beyond his control and he desperately needed bringing into the light and showing what he had to offer the world and what the world had to offer him.

There are so many characters within this story that I loved, each had their own quirks that grabbed your attention and were irresistible. There was one character though that from the beginning had my guard up and somehow felt I couldn’t trust them; their loyalty was questionable and I felt in my heart they were up to no good.

This story is an inspiration and shows that beauty is what resides deep within our souls and minds and not what we see on the outside. That with the right person by your side you can step out into the big wide world and show it what you have to offer and that regardless of anyone else you are beautiful and you are amazing.

I am looking forward to reading more from Weston Wilcox in the next book, its clear his story is far from over! I recommend this story to readers who enjoy romances with humour and mystery.


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