Review – Blear: A Senses Series Companion Novel by Xavier Neal – 5 Stars!!!

Blear: A Senses Series Companion NovelBlear: A Senses Series Companion Novel by Xavier Neal

5 Stars!!!

A family vacation for the Kellar/Senses family is just what they need. Only when a revelation comes to light it throws the Kellar family into turmoil. Are Maxx and Logan strong enough to fight? Or will the stress all become too much?

I’m a huge fan of the Senses family and there hasn’t been one book in this series yet that has left me disappointed. Blear is no different; Xavier Neal takes us on vacation with this wonderful extended family where blood isn’t what ties them together and shows us just how true it is that blood does not always mean family!

When times get tough or life becomes complicated, this family pull together and support each other. They say things as they are and each in their own way give the love, support and advice without an ounce of hurt or regret.

This book is full of humorous as well as heart breaking moments. They are balanced perfectly and it makes this story an easy enjoyable read with that added drama/suspense that a story needs.

My love for these characters has only grown more and I didn’t think that would be possible. The ‘kid’ Dean has grown into a bright young man that you admire. Kellar has stepped up to the challenge of being a husband, father and lover and proven himself over and over. Maxx is the glue that keeps the family strong and together. As one they can beat anything and as one this family will give help wherever they can even if it proves to be their biggest challenge yet.

To fully enjoy this series, I recommend reading this series in order starting with Blind.


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