Review – Royally Duched: By Xavier Neal – 5 Stars!!!

Royally Duched: (Duched #2)Royally Duched: by Xavier Neal

5 Stars!!!

I was given this book in turn for an honest review.

With everything stacked against them, can Brie and Kellan find their way back to each other? Or will living the life of royalty become too much for them both?

I had been eagerly awaiting the second book in the Duched series after being left in shock from book #1 and Xavier Neal has not disappointed me. The love in which Brie and Kellan share is an all-consuming powerful and empowering love. The passion and intensity pours from the pages and takes our hearts hostage. Xavier Neal has done a wonderful job of bringing these characters to life and have them sneak their way into our hearts.

The path for Kellan and Brie is tough and full of challenges. Some that will make them stronger and some that will test their relationship and the relationship they have with Kellan’s family. Some family traditions are kept and some are redesigned as Kellan and Brie show the world their love is everlasting and they won’t allow narrow minds and judgemental people to decide their future path.

There isn’t a single thing I would change about either Kellan or Brie, their little twerks are what make them unique and loveable. Kellan’s charm, confidence and even his arrogance is nothing short of irresistible. Brie’s humour, challenging nature and her confidence shine through; she is fun to be around and a very loyal person.

As perfect as Kellan and Brie are, in so many ways; like every couple they have their flaws. Flaws that teach us to always remember to compromise, communicate and to love hard. No relationship is easy and each relationship is about hard work and a little give and take.

However, their story is far from over; as their story progressed and challenges seemed to ease, Xavier Neal throws in another twist and has left us in wonder; wonder as to how this revelation will affect Brie and Kellan and desperation for the next book!

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