Review – The non adventures of Alice the Erotic Author By Ava Manello

The non adventures of Alice the erotic author: The MassageThe non adventures of Alice the Erotic Author by Ava Manello

3 Stars!!!

I was given this book in turn for an honest review.

Join Alice as she takes us on a journey into her erotic mind, and her unerotic life.

Alice for me is an array of short stories; some the life of Alice, and some inside her mind as a writer. Ava Manello has a wonderful imagination and a talent for bringing fantasy and reality to life. Her quality of writing is outstanding.

Although I myself couldn’t relate to Alice, I did find her personality an experience in itself. She has a great sense of humour, and speaks her mind without reservation. I often found myself chuckling along with her misadventures and reality she lived in.

I think this book would have been more enjoyable for me if the author had either split this novella into short stories with a little more depth or into a novel with more depth and character development. I found the chapters did not flow easily from one to the next and because of this it did not fully hold my attention. This is my own personal preference and in no way, reflects on the authors writing.

This is the first book of Ava Manello’s I have read, and although this book didn’t tick all my boxes, I definitely want to explore more of her books.

This book is ideal for a holiday read and those looking for short erotic adventures with added humour.



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