Review – The Substitute By Xavier Neal – 5 Stars!!!

The Substitute (The Bro Series, #1)The Substitute by Xavier Neal

5 Stars!!!

I was given this book in turn for an honest review.

Their situation is risky; it could destroy their future before it’s even began. With the odds set against them, will love win? Or will outside forces push them apart?

Love comes in many ways, in many forms and can find us in various circumstances in life. This is something that Xavier Neal portrays beautifully, in each of her books. Showing us the reader how truly magical life can be, if we live for the moment.

The Substitute although a taboo story, it is also a love a story. One that opens our minds to see that there is no set way in which we meet the love of our lives. For me age is but a number. And as long as things are legal I believe love has no age gap.

Nate is a troubled soul with a determination to forget his past, forget his dreams and live a plain, simple, and ordinary life. He is loyal, strong, and a great friend. It’s clear he has a fun, loving side waiting to break free again.

Ainsley is amazing. Considering the torment, she was living with daily, she was resolute to make the most of the situation and find herself a better future.

Nate loved Ainsley, she wasn’t a toy to pass the time, she was the other half to his soul, and it was her who could help him break feel of the hold his past had on him. The interest Ainsley felt for Nate, from the beginning was more than simple attraction. She felt the connection they had from the moment they met.

Together Nate and Ainsley were perfect. They complemented each other in every way. They strived to help the other achieve their full potential, they missed each other with every moment spent apart and it must be noted, that together they are electrifying in every way!

If you love stories that are a little taboo, full of love with added humour, I recommend giving The Substitute by Xavier Neal a try.


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