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Summer's LeaseSummer’s Lease by Carrie Elks


5 Stars!!!


I was given this book in turn for an honest review.


Looking after her Uncle’s, friend’s, Villa for the summer is an easy task. What could possibly go wrong? Or could everything possibly go, right?

Summer’s Lease swelled my heart and filled it full of love. It’s a beautiful story that I found unable to put down. From start to finish Carrie Elk’s kept me captivated and enthralled in Cesca and Sam’s story. Her story felt as real as watching it play out before my very eyes, as if I was living their story with them. I could feel the summer sun of Italy, taste the delights of Italian food, and feel the connection that Cesca and Sam shared.

I loved Cesca with her witty charm and outspoken personality. She was down on her luck and from start to finish I willed for her to finally catch a break, a break she long deserved. Her soul had taken a beating, and she needed someone to open her eyes, once again, to the dream she had long forgotten.

Sam Calton is the character you are lead to think is one you’ll hate, then slowly fall for; surprisingly I fell for him the moment he was introduced. He was another troubled soul with a story to tell, and although charming in an arrogant way, the real Sam was a considerate and caring man, a characteristic that he tried to hide.

Cesca and Sam’s story is one I won’t forget, it’s a story about true love, self-discovery and living your dream, not allowing the world to define who you are; however, this romance is not without its heartache and pain.

This story is for ALL romance readers out there. You won’t regret buying Summer’s Lease by Carrie Elk.



Release Date: July 13th 2017


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