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Prince Brock (Princes of Tease #3)Prince Brock by Xavier Neal


5 Stars!!!


I was given this book in turn for an honest review.


Prince B thinks of French as more than just his boss; can he convince her they belong together? Will French reciprocate? Or will meddling hands, destroy everything?

Prince Brock is an emotionally charged read, full of passion, determination, trust and love. Xavier Neal has delivered a brilliant story that holds a devastating series of events that have lead the characters to where they are, however, she still adds an element of suspense, and most importantly, humour that give this story the element of fun that, every story needs.

As with many of Xavier Neal’s books, this story breaks the ‘fourth wall’ and I love it. I love that the characters talk to me as though I am living the moment along with them, like I’m their best friend; hearing each, and every, thought going through their mind.

Prince Brook is independent, strong minded, caring, loyal and sexy as hell! I adore Prince B, he is the king of The Castle in more ways than one. Prince B is very accustomed to using a colourful language; for me that only adds to his personality and makes him that little bit more appealing.

French is the Queen in every aspect of the word. Her establishment may be a business; however, her staff are family. She has strict rules, but they are for the safety of those she employees, those she cares about. She will go to great lengths to protect, and care for them.

Prince Brock’s story is a feisty, passionate, romance. Although their story will leave you, hot, and bothered, you will, at least be left satisfied with their story.



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