Book Spotlight – Guilty Pleasures by Shannon Schoolcraft

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Guilty Pleasures




All Lexi wanted was to start over. She moved to Key West Florida and started working at a hotel three years ago. Everything was just how she wanted it. But that all changed when she ran into a tall, sexy, dark haired stranger. Her one night stand turned out to be Chase Dean, the owner of the hotel she worked at. She kept telling herself she’d end it, but kept finding herself in his bed.  He was her guilty pleasure and she was his. Lexi has secrets, secrets her friends don’t know the whole story of. She’s afraid that if she tells Chase, he won’t think of her the same. But when her ex finds her after three years, she has no choice but to tell him. Will her secrets bring Chase closer or will this be the end of their guilty pleasures?  What would you do for the man you loved?



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Shannon Schoolcraft lives in Northern Michigan with her three children and long term boyfriend. She enjoys long walks, writing stories, imagining life as a vampire and stalking wolves.


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