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Must Love Jogs (Must Love Series Book 2)Must Love Jogs by Xavier Neal


5 Stars!!!


Will Abby let Blake in and discover, for herself, how truly beautiful, and talented she is, or will she allow the people who have guided her, her whole life, to destroy the one happiness she has finally found?

Xavier Neal has written a book that touches on a subject that very few bring to light. The subject in question has two sides to it, and she has given us the side that so few believe exist. However what Xavier has also done is given this story not only a romance element, she has also given the story a humorous factor, and added in the twist of a talented woman finding her true self, after years of having doubt, and judgement thrown in her face.

Abby has an immense talent, she grew up with the mantra that she needed to practice constantly, to become a great musician; fun, and any social life, was to be second priority in her life and only the best would ever be good enough. Deep down there was a girl screaming to get out, screaming to follow the musical career she wanted.

Blake and his playboy ways were over the minute he laid eyes on Abby. Blake is a great people reader, only Abby was the one person he struggled to read correctly. He had her demeanour slightly misjudged, and when he realised he made it his mission to make her happy; least did he expect for their friendship to blossom into the one thing he believed he would never have.

Must Love Hogs is a more deep, meaningful book so far in the Must Love Series, and it’s not to be missed! Although Must Love Hogs can be read as a standalone I recommend reading the books in order, to get the most enjoyment.



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