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Susan Stoker is one of my go to authors when I need a pick me up. Her stories never fail to bring a smile to my face or bring love to my heart. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of Rescuing Bryn, Book #6 from her Delta Force Series and she didn’t let me down. I loved Dane and Bryn’s story. I hope you do too.


Here is my review…

Rescuing Bryn (Delta Force Heroes Book 6)Rescuing Bryn by Susan Stoker


4 Stars


I was given this book in turn for an honest review.


Dane found himself in Idaho, isolated and alone, until he meets Bryn Hartwell. After their rocky start, Dane finds himself fascinated by the beautiful women. When intrigue turns to obsession, Bryn puts herself in harm’s way. Will Dane and the Delta team find her in time?

Another fabulous read from Susan Stoker. Rescuing Bryn is a captivating, and fascinating, read. Susan Stoker is one of my go to authors for when I need a pick me up. Her books are always easy to get into and are bursting with love. She also has this uncanny way of venturing into a subject that so few will, and writes in a technique that beautifully portrays the subject.

Rescuing Bryn for me was a sweet romance; as much as I loved this story, it for me fell short of that wow factor. With this said this story has so many good points and is a book I can read time, and time, again.

I loved Dane, and Bryn, they are both wonderful characters who deserve a life time of happiness. It was clear how much pain Dane was going through and that each day was a battle for him. It was intriguing how Bryn could read Dane, and I mean really read him. She knew before he did how something was truly affecting him and she went that extra step to help him overcome the pain, and fears, he faced.

I loved that once Dane got over the initial panic, and shock, of meeting Bryn, he could see the truly brilliant woman that she was. He saw beneath the surface and found how caring, loyal, and fun, she was. That her thirst for knowledge, only added to her wonderful character.

Susan Stoker nailed it with Bryn and she wrote a sweet romance. Rescuing Bryn can be read as a standalone, however to fully enjoy the story, I’d recommend reading the Delta Force series in order.


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