Alison S. Parkins Fun Author Interview with Alexis Kennedy

Alison S. Parkins Fun Author Interview with


*~* Alexis Kennedy *~*



All about you!


Name: Alexis Kennedy

Location: Missouri, USA

Star Sign: Aquarius

What genre/genres do you write? Paranormal romance, historical romance, horror, crime/mystery, and action adventure

Tell us a random fact about yourself: I swam with stingrays in the Grand Caymans.

Where is your dream holiday destination? Venice, Italy




What is your all-time favourite food? Toasted ravioli with a mozzarella and garlic cream sauce.

What is your favourite Take-Away choice? Pizza

Tell us your favourite sweets/candy?  Peanut M&Ms

If you like to cook, which dish do you enjoy preparing and cooking yourself? Chilli

Do you enjoy baking? If so what is your favourite food item you love to bake? Warm chocolate melting cake

What is the one dessert you can never resist?  Apple crisp


Book Characters


Which of your book characters has a lot of you in them? Brooke Daniels

Who so far, has been your favourite character to write? Adrian Casimir

If you could be any character from any book, who would you be and why? Scarlett Vanderwall (from my book Two Faced) because she has moxy. She’s a female James Bond.

Is there one of your book characters that you have disliked or do you love them all in some way, even the bad guys? Brad from Under the Blood Moon


Random Questions


What car do you drive? Pink Chevrolet Spark

What is your dream car? Dodge Viper

Who is your current eye candy/crush? Greyston Holt

Which celebrity did you have a crush on as a teenager? Maxwell Caulfield

What is your favourite movie of all-time? Grease 2

Who is your favourite band/singer of all-time? Def Leppard


Tell us more about you, tell us as much or as little as you like…


Alexis Kennedy is the fresh face of fiction. She writes thrilling and unique stories with twists and turns to keep you coming back for more. A talented author, Alexis knows how to please her readers. She composes numerous genres as a way of expressing herself fluently.


Novels can sweep you off your feet and land you squarely in a new world. In the case of an Alexis Kennedy novel, that world is populated with compelling characters winding their way through a dynamic story. Her novels give you the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective, to be someone else, if only for an hour. Alexis’s writing transports you to richly realized lands full of love and intrigue, murder, and mayhem.


Alexis lives in Missouri with her child and their beloved pet. She began writing poetry in her early teens and has been fascinated with writing ever since. Her novels reflect her education and love of writing, reading, learning, and living life to the fullest. She is a big follower of Karin Slaughter and James Patterson and she loves and enjoys reading books from Connie Mason and Shannon Drake.


Readers around the world seek out Alexis Kennedy’s books for their fast pace, exciting plot, and compelling characters. Today you can enjoy six books from Alexis, although rumor has it she is currently working on another six. Her books for purchase are: Bound Through Blood, Under the Blood Moon, Two Faced, and then from the Dial M for Murder Series: Ravaged, Déjà Vu, and Cupid. Her latest novel, Scandalous, is also available, and soon, you’ll have Angry House and Birthright too. You will be captivated by her stories, and you won’t want to take your eyes off until the end.


She says, “When you write, you escape into another world and another you that you once knew nothing about. Every story has a voice, so let it speak to you.”


If we wanted to stalk you where can we find you?


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Website    Goodreads


Google +    YouTube 


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Now we know more about you, tell us about your books…

Angry House




Rhett Shaw is a widowed author with a lot on his mind. The noise of Brooklyn has drowned out all of his ideas for stories, so in order to get back to the basics and his career, he decides to make a move to the countryside in Vermont. The white wooden house nestled deep inside the privacy of the woods looked perfect. Sure, it was run down, but it was quiet, secluded, and it appeared vacant.

Immediately after moving into his new residence and beginning repairs, Rhett starts to notice odd things happening around the house—his tools aren’t where he leaves them, appliances are on when he’s certain he’s turned them off, he hears noises rattling through the walls, and sometimes he feels like he’s not alone. At first, he ignores it because inspiration hits, and his book seems to start writing itself. Characters come alive and embed themselves deep inside his thoughts—and maybe, he wonders, his actions. The rampage of theft and murder he describes in the book is plaguing the once quiet Vermont community, but he can’t tell if he’s describing the crimes before they’re committed or after.
But is it too late to run now that the house has taken a hold of him?



Amazon UK    Amazon US


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