Book Spotlight – Bound Through Blood by Alexis Kennedy

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Bound Through Blood


Genre: Paranormal Romance




When Devin lost his true love to the 18th century witch trials, he thought he lost his only chance at ever having love and a mortal life again forever. Then the vampire tastes his true love’s blood in another—her tenth generation great-granddaughter—and suddenly, that life is possible again, but only if he can convince Salena Saunders of their destiny.

Fighting against the forces who want to protect her and the men who want to have her— including his long-lost vampire brother, Gabriel—Devin struggles to get close enough to prove his love and intentions to Salena while protecting her from Gabriel and her own superstitions.

Salena Saunders works as a tour guide in a New Orleans historical home—unraveling the past for tourists—when her own past begins to haunt her and mythical stories come to life right before her eyes. For the first time, she seeks guidance from fortunetellers and voodoo priestesses for answers—ones that both promise to shock her and guide her to true love and her destiny.

Within the realm of monsters, Salena can see her future when she discovers her past.

Ages 18+


Available on Kindle Unlimited


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“That’s right, come to me.” As she approaches the figure, excitement burrows deep and hot inside her, and she finds he is larger than she’d first thought. He is well over six feet tall, has sexy broad shoulders—curtained by long, dark hair—and fills the tiny room. He is wearing a white shirt, black pants, and a smile—a menacing but intoxicating smile that taunts and teases her—there is something she can’t put her fingers on about that smile. Again, she knew she should be frightened, but she can’t move away and can’t look away. He stares into her eyes and slowly takes strands of her blonde hair between his fingers. She purrs with expectation. He lets his fingertips glide from the edge of her delicate shoulder to her neck and caresses it, lingering over her pulse. As he does so, he feels her heartbeat quicken; yes, he has her now. He leans in to kiss her lips, slowly. She feels a heat encompassing her and tries to deepen the kiss, needing to have more of him. The force of Devin’s will restrains her. Not too much too soon, he wants this to be perfect and under his total control.




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