Book Spotlight – Cupid (Dial M for Murder Book 3) By Alexis Kennedy

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Cupid (Dial M for Murder Book 3)


Genre: Crime/Mystery




Gavin Delray has a dark side, and many unfortunate and unsuspecting women are about to witness it. A scorned lover, he plans to use internet dating to search for his true love, all the while punishing those who won’t measure up to the god of love, Cupid’s, standards.

Detective Brooke Daniels has her hands full with the murders of young women piling up. Working with her gorgeous new partner, Dex Stone, and love interest FBI agent, Shane Braun—whom she has been keeping at arm’s length—she risks her life in a dangerous undercover operation on the dating scene as she tries to find the connection that will lead her to the killer and just maybe even to her own heart’s desire.

Another kind of killer, never flushed out, lurks in the woods once again as well. While trying to find their newest serial killer, the Homicide Team must once again investigate what kind of being could be leaving bodies mangled in the area, including one of their own.

18+ for violence


Available on Kindle Unlimited


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He went to his altar, lit the candles, and touched the photo of Samantha before praying, “Cupid, my god of love, won’t you bring me my one true love? Won’t you bring me the one who will fill my heart? I beg of you to show me my righteous path to her, so my suffering may end. Amen.”

He blew out the candles and went into the small kitchen to grab some orange juice. He should invite Samantha over for dinner and impress her with his culinary skills, but he couldn’t tonight—tonight he’d be with Camille. It would be impolite to cancel on her, and his momma raised him to be a gentleman.




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