Review – Home for Christmas by K.M. Lowe – #4Stars!!!

Home For ChristmasHome For Christmas by K.M. Lowe


4 Sweet, Heart Racing stars!


I was given this book in turn for an honest review.


Two lost souls, one broken heart, one broken man. With no clear future ahead of them, Logan and Alisha find themselves drawn to each other. Can two broken souls mend together? Find a future together? Or will their pasts haunt them too much to move on?

I always love a good Christmas Story and Home for Christmas hits the spot perfectly. It’s sweet, romantic, beautiful and with a little added tragedy/heartache, drawing you into the story. K.M. Lowe isn’t a new author to me; however, this is the first book of hers I have read, and I can’t wait to read more of her stories.

This story is packed full of loveable and intriguing characters. It also has an element of characters you are torn about. One minute you find yourself loving them and the next you’re surprised by their actions, showing that they are a deeper and much more complex character than first thought. This story stirred a lot of emotions for me, it is quite the emotional rollercoaster to read, secretly I loved every minute of it.

There was an element to this story that felt unfinished, which was equal measure frustrating and fascinating. I feel this story had a little more to tell me and business was left unfinished. However, I have since discovered that K.M. Lowe has two more books coming out, for some of the other characters, that I desperately want to know more about and discover how their journey continues. This is music to my ears.

Logan and Alisha are a strong and sweet couple. Their love not only for each other, but their family, is remarkable. Their families took a hold of my heart, I was invested in them and their lives, I wanted to see them happy. K.M. Lowe did not disappoint me with Logan and Alisha, and I have faith she won’t disappoint me with the following two books.

If you enjoy festive, or military romances, this story is for you.



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