Review – The Christmas Tree Guy by Railyn Stone

The Christmas Tree GuyThe Christmas Tree Guy by Railyn Stone


3.5 Sweet Agonising Stars


Sydnee found more than just the perfect Christmas Tree for her son’s, she found Quinn, a sweet man, with a heart of gold. Can she put the opinions of others aside, and reach for the magical love they share? Can she open her heart to let Quinn into hers and the boy’s lives?

Christmas is always one of my most favourite times of the year and I do love festive stories. I bought The Christmas Tree Guy by Railyn Stone after seeing a teaser on Instagram and checking out the blurb and the rest as they say, is history.

I truly did enjoy this story, the writing was excellent, Railyn Stone kept me captivated and intrigued from the very start. Quinn and Sydnee are a perfect match, they brought out the best in each other.

I soon fell in love with Quinn’s character, he was refreshing, sweet, caring, thoughtful, loyal, optimistic, and he was always looking out for the good in everything.

Sydnee for me was equal amounts loveable, and, frustrating. She was a wonderful mother and considering her predicament she was trying hard to have an optimistic outlook on life. However, on more than one occasion I wanted to crawl into my kindle and ask her to just stop over thinking everything, to breath, to live and to see what was directly in front of her. Although I understand the subject in question is one that holds a lot of hostility and she did have a lot to consider, I felt her over thinking at times took over the story a little too much. This is my personal opinion and in no way, reflects on the authors writing.

This story holds an array of characters, some I loved and some that were simply nasty human beings, who put happiness second, to anything else.

This story was angsty, fun, romantic and suspenseful. I’m looking forward to checking out more of Railyn Stone’s stories. If you love these genres along with added festivities you should give, The Christmas Tree Guy by Railyn Stone a try.




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