Review – Walking Away by Xavier Neal – 4 Intriguingly, Hot, Inspiring, Stars!!!

Walking AwayWalking Away by Xavier Neal


4 Intriguingly, Hot, Inspiring, Stars!!!


I was given this book in turn for an honest review


Walking away from someone you love isn’t an easy choice, when that love intensifies, and becomes three, can three really work? Or will one have to walk away?

Xavier Neal always has a way of showing us, that love comes in many different forms. In Walking Away, that it’s no different; she not only touches on a M/M/F relationship, she also brings in another dynamic, that gives this book the intense, and intriguing pull, that has you begging, and needing, to know more.

This story for me personally wasn’t an easy read at first. The three points of view, took me a little time to get use to. However, once I understood the characters a little more and began to truly understand their story, and see the beauty in it, I found the three points of view, much easier to read, and soon the words flowed beautifully, and captivatingly.

As the story progressed I began to imagine myself, in their situation. What would I do? How would I feel? Can it work? Are they creating a recipe for disaster? And the truth is I didn’t know; I felt for Jason and Gwen, my heart was breaking, for the pain, and turmoil, they were going through, it was clear how much they truly loved each other, and that the decision they had decided upon, wasn’t an easy one.

Hudson, I worried was walking into a situation, he hadn’t fully considered, then I discovered the magic he held. He was caring, thoughtful, straight to the point, and he didn’t take no for an answer. It was soon clear that without him they were likely to fall apart completely, and in turn he found something which he thought he would never find, something none of them had truly expected to discover.

This story is for all M/M/F readers, who also like to see a twist to a story and want a story that isn’t just about the hot intimacy.



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