Review – Dreams Collide by Kristina Beck – 5 Stars!!!

Dreams Collide (Collide #2)Dreams Collide by Kristina Beck

5 Humorous, Heart Warming Stars!!!

I was given this book in turn for an honest review.


Tina has an undeniable attraction, to her new client Gerry, one she shouldn’t act upon. Gerry knew her in an instant, his past was back, and this time he wasn’t letting go. Will the past destroy their connection? Will their dreams collide and destroy it all?

Kristina Beck has written an exceptional heart-warming, comedy romance, one that had me captivated, and brought the beauty of Germany alive. I felt like I was in Germany along with the characters, tasting the delights, seeing the beauty, and living the travelling dream.

Tina from the moment you meet her, shows you the real her. Her constant chaotic life, the rapport she and her friends share, and the passion she has for her job, and following her dreams. Dreams she truly deserves, after giving so much of her life, to her family.

Gerry is charming, sweet, caring, he will do anything for his friends, and family, and his passion for cooking is inspirational. It was clear his past had dampened his dreams, and taken away a little of the desire, he had for cooking.

Together Tina and Gerry were perfect, they encouraged, and built each other up, to the point where they realised their future was uncertain. They had found each other at a time in life, when their futures, were so uncertain, where their current mission, was to make their dreams come true. I felt ever emotion, and turmoil, each character felt, I found myself internally begging for them to find a way to follow both their dreams.

Dreams collide is a perfect read for all comedy romance, readers. Although this is book #2 in the Collide Series, it can be read as a standalone, and it will likely have you wanting to read book #1 in the series, which is now on my TBR list.



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