Review – Claiming Felicity by Susan Stoker – 5 Gripping, Breath Stopping Stars!!!

Claiming Felicity (Ace Security, #4)Claiming Felicity by Susan Stoker


5 Gripping, Breath Stopping Stars!!!


I was given this book in turn for an honest review.


Felicity Jones’ past has found her, she can’t risk the lives of those she loves. When Ryder Sinclair sees the fear behind Felicity’s eyes, he will stop at nothing to protect her, he will make it his mission to keep her alive and no longer on the run.

Susan Stoker keeps us on the edge of our seats with this story. The anticipation of what will happen next and the thrill of seeing how Ryder, his men, and not forgetting the Anderson brothers will strike back, is agonising, in the most magnificent way, the way a book should make you feel, like its all taking place right before your eyes, and you’re not just reading it within the pages of a book.

The strength that Felicity had was amazing; given the past she was running from and the events that had followed. She was still fighting to be free, fighting to have a life. I could feel my anger rise as we learn more about her story, I wanted nothing more than to join Ryder on his mission to end it and make them pay for what they had done.

At first, I was a little unsure on Ryder’s character, which was cleverly done by Susan, she was giving this story an edge of uncertainty to how it was going to pan out and I loved it. As we discovered more about Ryder, I could see that he was a man who had given a lot to his country and fought for what was right. He didn’t hesitate to protect people, at any cost.

Claiming Felicity is a fantastic, intriguing story that has you waiting with abated breath for danger to strike. You can read this book as a Standalone, however, to fully enjoy this story, I recommend reading the series in order, starting with Claiming Grace.



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