Review – Counterpoints Book 3 by Laura Rossi – 5 Takes Your Breath Away, Heart-Breaking Stars!!!

Counterpoints Book 3Counterpoints Book 3 by Laura Rossi


5 Takes Your Breath Away, Heart-Breaking Stars!!!


I was given this story in turn for an honest review.


Isabella decides its time to face her feelings, time to brave the outside world. With Christopher’s enemies in the background, will they fight together, or will it tear them apart?

I wasn’t fully prepared for this final book in the Counterpoints Series. Laura Rossi builds you up, mind, body, and soul. You find yourself so invested in this couple, you feel like they can take on the world together, and nothing will break them. Then, BOOM, Laura Rossi hits you with a plot twist, a turn you hoped wasn’t going to happen, only in reality it could, so why should this beautiful, heart-warming, adrenaline filled fiction world be any different?

Laura Rossi is an amazing writer. Since the first book in the series, it’s clear her writing has improved tremendously. She is definitely, an author to watch. I love her writing and I love how she puts a story together.

I loved how Isabella and Christopher grew as a couple, their love was undoubtedly real and strong. They were the perfect match. They built each other up. Christopher opened Isabella’s eyes, taught her to enjoy and live life to the fullest. Isabella showed Christopher how to truly love, that he was worthy of such love.

I’m sad to say goodbye to these intriguing and wonderful characters. However, I look forward to glimpses of them in the spin off Novella, Born to Run, which is Noah’s story.

Racing, romance, suspense, the Counterpoints Series has it all. This series does need to be read in order, starting with book #1.



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