Author Interview – Tracie Podger

Tracie Podger – Interview 


Book Signings

  • Which was the first book signing you attended as a reader?

I think it was at the local library and was a children’s author. For the life of me I can’t remember her name! I know I loved the book.

  • Which was the first signing you attended as an Author?

Peterborough was the first multi-author signing I’ve done and that was last year. Prior to that I’ve done a library talk.

  • What tips or advice as a reader would you give to fellow readers attending a signing?

Wear comfortable shoes! Don’t be afraid to approach any author, and if you see them on the phone they’re not being rude. Some may be checking up on family, or working on social media. Some may be very shy and are using the phone as a shield. Authors don’t like to sit looking out aimlessly, feeling lonely, so they pretend to be busy 😉 Just approach with a smile, and never be afraid to take the swag that’s laid out on their tables. It’s there for you. If you have an unusually spelled name, pop it on a sticky and stick it to the page you want signing (assuming you’re bringing a book to be signed of course). It’s okay never to have heard of the author your chatting to; it’s okay to have never read their books. That’s the beauty of signings; you get to meet new authors. Ask them what their book is about and if it’s not for you, it’s okay to say your thanks and walk away. Lastly, have fun, meet other readers, and take a moment to check out a new author and not just your favourites.

  • What tips or advice would you give to an author attending their first signing?

Smile, and wear comfortable shoes ha ha I prefer to stand at the side or front of my table; I feel I’m more approachable that way. Talk to the readers that have taken the time to visit you and if they want a photograph, stand in front of your banner. That way they can remember your name later on. You are there to sell yourself and your books. Practice your ‘elevator speech’. A 60 second pitch is all you need. You don’t want to bore the pants off people or take up more of their time than they want to give. If they are looking around, shifting from foot to foot, take that as a hint they want to move on J

  • Which signings are you attending this year 2016 and next year 2017?

I’ll be at the Leeds Author Signing on 5th March and the Essex Author Extravaganza on 25th June. That’s all for this year. Next year, I’m confirmed at Romancing the Falls, Niagara, Canada in May and then I have three or four UK signings. I’ll be in Newcastle, York and Peterborough. About mid this year, I’ll post a list on my author page.

Book Characters

  • Which of your book characters has a lot of you in them?

I put a lot of myself in all my characters, whether they be male or female. But as for the one who is the closest to me, I guess that has to be Jayne, A Virtual Affair.

  • Who so far, has been your favourite character to write?

That’s a hard one actually. Robert has a piece of my heart and always will, Sam was fun to explore, Stefan and Jayne—I think I’d have to say Robert and Jayne are my favourites, at the moment.

  • Who is your current book boyfriend?

I don’t read while I’m writing, so in actual fact, I get very little reading time! I’m enjoying Elias from the Grit series (Rebecca Sherwin—You lot don’t get to meet him yet) and I guess Jackson and Gabriel, my next two boys 😉

  • If you could be any character from a book, who would you be?

Easy, Brooke ha ha

  • Who is your favourite Author from childhood?

One of my childhood favourite books was Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame and I was fond of Aesop’s Fables. I also loved anything horsey, Black Beauty, Flicker; I still have some of them.


  1. All-time favourite food?

Italian, always.

  1. Favourite Take-Away choice?

It’s always a fight at home, I’m a Chinese person, hubby prefers Indian.

  1. Favourite sweets/candy?

Chocolate! Anything chocolate ha ha

  1. Which dish do you enjoy preparing and cooking yourself?

Mmm, I don’t cook as often as I should but, paella, risotto, a roast.

  1. Do enjoy baking? If so what is your favourite food item you love to bake?

Again, not something I’ve done for a long time. I used to like making cakes, pies, but I’d love to learn to make bread!

Random Facts

I’m a lover of random facts; below give us ten random facts about you!

  • I have a Y shaped scar on my right palm.
  • I’m a scuba diving instructor and owned my own dive school until writing took over.
  • I am full of scars! Horse accidents, falling over, operations, and I love every one. Every scar, every stretch mark, tells a story.
  • My left foot is slightly bigger than my right – it’s a pain in the ass buying shoes!
  • I met my husband on a Saturday, we got engaged the following Saturday, and married three months later.
  • I currently live in a barn but I’m soon to be homeless ha ha
  • I am owned by a cat called George; he doesn’t like me very much.
  • I owned two dressage horses until a few years ago, again writing and diving took over.
  • I suffer with depression and I like to talk about it J Frightens most people I meet ha ha
  • I’ve always known I won’t get old. Whether that means I will die young or never get old in my mind, I’m not sure. I guess I’ll discover when I get to seventy.


About The Author

Tracie Podger currently lives in Kent, UK with her husband and a rather obnoxious cat called George. She’s a Padi Scuba Diving Instructor with a passion for writing. Tracie has been fortunate to have dived some of the wonderful oceans of the world where she can indulge in another hobby, underwater photography. She likes getting up close and personal with sharks.

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