Review – The Suit by Xavier Neal – 5 Hot Suit, Heart-Warming, Beautiful Stars!!!

The SuitThe Suit by Xavier Neal


5 Hot Suit, Heart-Warming, Beautiful Stars!!!


I was given this book in turn for an honest review.


Ryann intrigued him, she bewitched him. This was more than sex, this was everything and everything was what Paxton wanted. Will Ryann break down her walls and let him in, or will her past decide their fate?

Although Xavier Neal’s books generally touch upon a serious subject and she has your heart aching at times, she also fills her stories full of fun, love and friendship. She touches on reality and gives you something to relate to in some way, whilst also giving readers hope that there is ALWAYS something waiting around the corner for you, that’s sometimes things happen for a reason, even if the pain of getting to that point is agonising.

Paxton stole my heart, soul, and my sex drive. That man is on fire! How can you say no to his sexual delights when he gives them that added edge, an edge that is always worth exploring, and worth the risk. He also has a heart of gold. When he loved, he loved hard and he wasn’t afraid to show the world how much he cared. He was a remarkable man who deserved to be loved.

Ryann is a pillar of strength, given her past, it’s no surprise she was as protective over her daughter as she was. Not only that, she found the strength to keep fighting, and keep living, giving both herself and her daughter a life they deserved. I loved Ryann; as much as I felt she needed to step back and take the offers she was given of help, I can completely understand why she found it hard to do so. She was an amazing mother and an amazing woman.

The Suit is a brilliant story that has you captivated from start to finish. This story is perfect for all contemporary romance readers, especially if you enjoy a little added erotica too.



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