Broken Promises by Hazel Robinson – 4 Heart-Breaking, Beautiful Stars!!!

Broken Promises (The Forever Series Book 1)Broken Promises by Hazel Robinson


4 Heart-Breaking, Beautiful Stars!!!


I was given this book in turn for an honest review.

Sworn to never have his heart broken again, Caleb Jones finds himself revisiting his past. Will Caleb take this opportunity and finally embrace the happiness he deserves, or will he allow his past to destroy his chance at the future he always wanted.

Hazel Robinson has written a tragic, yet beautiful romance story. Broken Promises is one heart-breaking story that tore me apart. I felt every ounce of pain the characters were going through and the anger they felt towards the future, that they could of had, that was taken away from them. Hazel held me captivated from start to finish, this is one brilliant story.

Caleb was a complex, yet wonderful character. It was clear he had lived through years of hatred, after someone tore his heart out and broke him. Leaving him a shell of the person, he once was. I wanted to hug him so hard and help him heal; to show him that not everyone would hurt him and that he was worthy of such love.

Kally was inspirational; although she had an edge of sadness to her, she still had an aura of happiness about her, and given everything she had been through, it was outstanding. Her heart was in the right place and she always put others before herself.

I would have loved more depth and background to the characters and to the story, I felt there could have been more that happened with the characters both when together and apart. I just wanted more, because I loved these characters so much. This, however, does not take away from the excellent writing and the beauty of this heart-breaking story.

Broken Promises is a heart-breaking, beautiful, heart fulfilling romance story, about breaking promises and giving love a second chance.



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