Review – Beaten Heart by Hazel Robinson – 4 Harrowing, Heart-Breaking, Heart-Warming Stars!!!

Beaten Heart (The Forever Love Collection Book 2)Beaten Heart by Hazel Robinson


4 Harrowing, Heart-Breaking, Heart-Warming Stars!!!


I was given this book in turn for an honest review.


Mandy’s heart is bruised, beaten, completely broken. When she finds herself fighting for her freedom, the one challenge she hadn’t prepared herself for, was that of a heart fighting to beat again. Will Mandy find love or will her past tear away her chance at happiness.

Hazel Robinson has written another wonderful, captivating, story in her Forever Series. Beaten Heart has an edge of darkness about it. Mandy’s past is dark, harrowing, and heart-breaking. She is fighting her demons every day, and although away from those who had caused her harm, the lasting affects were never far away from her mind.

Beaten Hearts is a brilliant story, and both Mandy, and billy, are charming, sweet, and loveable. They both are fighting demons, some darker than others, but, neither less painful than the other. Together they found a beauty within them, to fight for love and fight to have the happiness they both deserved.

As much as I thoroughly enjoyed this romance story, I found myself wanting more. I would have loved a little more depth into the characters, and their pasts. Purely because I really enjoyed this story and loved the characters, I am a reader that often can never get enough.

If you love romances, that captivate and hold you hostage, that grab your heart, crush it, and then piece it back together again, Beaten Hearts is for you.



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