Review – The Chef by Xavier Neal – 5 HOT, Beautiful, Amazing Stars!!!

The ChefThe Chef by Xavier Neal


5 HOT, Beautiful, Amazing Stars!!!


I was given this book in turn for an honest review.


Food was Wyatt’s salvation, his reason for survival, until he met the one person he wasn’t supposed to want. He more than wanted her, he needed her, she became his reason for existence and he didn’t want to let go.

I absolutely loved this book, for me, it is the best of the four books in The Bro Series by Xavier Neal, she definitely saved the best until last. I was completely hooked by Wyatt and Julez story. Xavier Neal kept me captivated from start to finish and filled my heart with so much love and adoration. Xavier Neal has delivered another excellent and beautiful story, one that I will happily read, again, and again.

I loved Wyatt and Julez both equally, they were both full of life, ready to have fun and enjoy everything that life through their way and watching them at work was as HOT as HELL! They were perfect for each other, always there to build the other up and call them out on their behaviour if needed. Neither was too overbearing, or demanding, they simply wanted to bring out the best in each other.

I was with Wyatt and Julez all the way, supporting, and shouting, alongside them, for the love and support they both deserved, and needed, from their friends and family. I won’t deny that there was one character I was ready to teach the meaning of friendship too; although at the same time I understood why they reacted the way they did, I’m just saying if I’d have been there, I’d have happily kicked their ass.

I’m so sad this series has ended, as I have truly loved The Bro Series and each Bro will always hold a place in my heart. Humour, love, fun, and a diversity of subjects is what The Bro Series is all about, and if you’re looking for something a little different, I recommend giving this series a go, Xavier Neal will not disappoint you.



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