Review – Cowboy Casanova by Xavier Neal – 5 Spellbinding Stars!!!

Cowboy Casanova (The Culture Blind Book 2)Cowboy Casanova by Xavier Neal

5 Spellbinding Stars!!!

I was given this book in turn for an honest review.

When love finds Frankie in the form of a singing Cowboy, she decides to take the leap and enjoy the ride. With Cooper by her side they can beat anything. Until one decision, threatens to destroy everything.

Xavier Neal sends you on one hell of a HOT ride with Cowboy Casanova, and I loved every second of it. Xavier has written a captivating, all consuming romance story, that I didn’t want to put down.

I loved the analogy that Xavier Neal added to this story, giving it an edge to stand out from many other romances. It gave the story that little added extra, that gave you all the feels as you go through the thoughts, and emotions, along with the characters.

I loved Frankie and Cooper, both equally. They were fun, caring, determined, hardworking, and followed their dreams. They each brought out the best in the other. Cooper helped Frankie to step outside her comfort zones and enjoy the things life has to offer. Frankie helped Cooper to see there was more to life then living the playboy life and showing him what he had not only been missing, but what he deep down really wanted.

Cooper’s family are amazing, each and every one of them. I would love to be part of their family. They are full of support, love, and a good clip round the ear, when you need one.

This story is full of passion, respect, love, friendship, fun, and is an all-round pleasurable, enjoyable, spellbinding, romance.

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