Review – Taken by Two by Sam J.D. Hunt

Taken by TwoTaken by Two by Sam J.D. Hunt
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars!!!

I was given this book in turn for an honest review.

The last thing Penelope Sedgewick expected was to find herself enjoying the company of Nate and his dark dangerous friend Rex Renton. Their chemistry is undeniable, their lives are in danger; is it possible for them to love and exist as one?

Sam JD Hunt has left me at a loss for words. This story is unlike anything else I have ever read, she has completely and utterly blown me away. What I expected and what I got were two very different things and what I got was so much better! She has exceeded all expectations and proven once again how great a talent for storytelling and story development she has. I absolutely loved this book!

Let’s start with Penelope; at first she appears to be a spoilt brat with no emotion other than that of a spoilt child. What we discover is a caring, loving, clever, kick ass woman that you can’t help but admire and respect.

Nate is a slick, sexy, suave and caring man with a cheeky personality, who deep down has a whole load of love and care to give.

The dark dangerous Rex was the character I argued with most. He seemed, arrogant, nasty and disrespectful. As the story progressed I began to respect him more and then suddenly I found myself completely falling for him. Deep down he was a strong, loyal, independent, caring and loving man. He had barriers that slowly dissolved with the help and love of Nate and Penelope.

Without a doubt this trio had three very different pasts yet in a way they had all felt and lived the same suffering. They were the other third to each other. They helped to heal each other and bring out the best in each other. As one they were stronger than ever and their hearts and souls were complete. Who says love can only be experienced in one way? This story shows love can be felt and lived in more than one way and that love will outshine any normality labels society puts on it.

This story is HOT from start to finish, their sex will leave you panting, wanting and wet!

If you love erotica with an intriguing and kick ass storyline and enjoy sex scenes of a MMF/Bi/Ménage nature you will absolutely love Taken by Two by Sam JD Hunt.

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