Book Review – Can’t Match This by Xavier Neal – 5 Hilarious, Flashbacks to the 90’s, Sexy Romance Stars!!!

Can't Match ThisCan’t Match This by Xavier Neal


5 Hilarious, Flashbacks to the 90’s, Sexy Romance Stars!!!


I was given this book in turn for an honest review.


When Gideon decides to entertain Lennox’s idea of her finding him his perfect match, neither had anticipated that their feelings would be more intense than they had realised; maybe they are in fact, each other’s perfect match.

This sweet romance often had me giggling away at their banter, especially with reference to all things 90’s, my era! Oh, how I could relate to so many things they talked about in this book, I loved it! Xavier Neal has written a brilliant, romantic comedy, the kind of story you can read again, and again, enjoying it, that little bit more with each read.

Gideon was very strict and stuck in his ways; he had a routine, he liked order, and anything else would only cause chaos in his otherwise orderly life. He was also very hard working and determined to only get the best results for his business.

Lennox was the complete opposite, she was all about enjoying and living life. Doing things on a whim and making memories in the process. She didn’t care what others thought of her, she only cared about enjoying life, and would do anything she could to help others; she was compassionate and caring.

Together they were perfect, they brought out the best in each other. Their souls had always been connected, they just hadn’t had the strength and courage to go for it and discover they were a perfect match, that the chemistry they would create would be off the charts, and once they tasted it, they wouldn’t ever want to go back.

Can’t Match This, is for all Rom-Com readers, you won’t like this story, you will LOVE it!



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