Book Review – Defending Morgan by Susan Stoker – 5 Action Packed, Beautiful Heart-Breaking Stars!!!

Defending Morgan (Mountain Mercenaries, #3)Defending Morgan by Susan Stoker


5 Action Packed, Beautiful Heart-Breaking Stars!!!


I was given this book in turn for an honest review.


When Arrow and his team are sent on their latest mission, they discover more than they had anticipated. No mission is without it’s surprises and Arrow wasn’t prepared for the strong, intense feelings of protection he’d feel towards Morgan. When they return home, it’s clear Morgan’s life is still in danger. Arrow will risk everything to protect his woman.

Susan Stoker takes us straight into the action with Defending Morgan, no slow and easy start to Arrow and Morgan’s story, she kicks off right in the thick of it and the action in this story does not end there. Susan Stoker truly puts these characters through the wringer, when you think Morgan couldn’t possibly go through more hell, Susan proves us wrong.

Morgan is a strong character, and although she had gone through hell and torture, she still thankfully had a spark of determination about her to not let them win and destroy her completely. She also showed a heart of love, compassion, and kindness towards others, even if it meant risking her own life in the process.

Arrow was amazing, he wasn’t one to shy away from the way he felt, or to put himself out there, he also wasn’t one to push. He was a patient, caring, loving, protective man, who would do anything in his power to protect those he loved and cared for, and he wasn’t without his adorable quirks.

I’m really enjoying the Mountain Mercenaries series from Susan Stoker, she has a talent of thinking up a new and unique trait to each of her characters and plotlines, giving her stories an intriguing twist, that has them standing out from other books.

Defending Morgan can be read as a standalone; however, to fully enjoy this series I’d recommend reading them in order.



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