Book Review – Unleashed by Xavier Neal – 5 Deliciously Dark, Forbidden Stars!!!

Unleashed (The Synful Syndicate Series)Unleashed by Xavier Neal


5 Deliciously Dark, Forbidden Stars!!!


I was given this book in turn for an honest review.


He’s her pet, nothing more and nothing less. Could they possibly share something more, could her pet be the person she needs by her side, always; the type of man her father would have approved of, in the dangerous world she lives.

Xavier Neal has written a deliciously, forbidden, dark romance, that morally I shouldn’t love; yet against all my better judgement, I found I couldn’t get enough of Remy and her Pet. This story is one that has your mind constantly fighting against what is right and what is wrong, with this said, who is to say something is necessarily wrong?

The first couple of chapters were hard going for me, however, once I worked through the characters and their directions, I found myself needing more and more of them, and I couldn’t wait to devour the rest of the story.

Remy and Yovak have an undeniable electric magnetism around them from the moment they meet, that they both find hard to ignore or deny. Yovak wants to impress Remy, he wants to prove his worth, and Remy finds she needs Yovak, she needs the undeniable power he holds over her, without her losing the control and power she holds.

For me Unleashed is a beautifully, dark, magical, romance; much like the forbidden fruit. You shouldn’t love it; however, you can’t fight the allure of it, and find yourself immersed into their world, loving every minute of it.

Unleashed is for all dark romance readers. You shouldn’t love it, but you will.



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