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Fixed (The Connected Series #6)Fixed by K.A. Hobbs
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars!!!

I was given this book in turn for an honest review.

Jack loves everything about Josie and he makes it his life mission to show her how amazing she truly is. Josie wants Jack, she wants a future. Their journey to happiness isn’t an easy one. The best things in life never are.

KA Hobbs has a wonderful and brilliant talent for bringing a story to life. Although fiction based, her books have a very realistic feel to them. You can always find something in one of her stories you can relate too and she brings out every emotion you can think off.

With each book she brings you a new book boyfriend, each having their own unique trait you simply can’t resist and a whole bunch of new book friends to love and adore.

Jack is a patient, loyal, caring, loving, honest, hilarious man and he is as hot as hell! If you think Harry was dirty, Jack takes dirty to a completely different level and what a level it is! I’d never refuse a night with this hot blooded alpha or his many talents.

Josie, I absolutely love Josie and she has to be my ultimate fictional best friend character. She is hilarious, honest, loving, caring, a rule breaker and above all else amazing! Her rapport with Harry is brilliant! She reminded me of myself to a degree; with her rule breaking and one to never follow traditions, leading the way for a whole new bunch of traditions and her sarcastically brilliant humour has you forever laughing out loud.

Josie and Jack are hilarious; together they are the perfect comedy duo; they are a comedy duo that is perfect for each other. They have a whole lot of love and strength to give and are the perfect match, bringing out the best in each other and making each other complete.

Fixed is a story of trust; learning to trust each other, learning to trust that the past is just the past and that your future isn’t determined by it. Learning to let go and follow your heart, to seek the happiness you both want and deserve and that if your connection is strong and your paths are to always be entwined, no matter the pain, the heartache or the determination to push them away and not let them in, they won’t give up and they will be by your side until you’re ready to live again, to breathe again and to let your walls down trusting them to always be by your side no matter what. That you are worthy of love and they will show you how truly amazing you are.

It was great to have the whole connected series family together in one book. Having Harry, Jack, Josie and Megan back together was bittersweet, then throw in Doug, Sophie, Jonathan and Miley and the babies and you get the ultimate story of true family, true friendship, true love and absolute happiness. Without a doubt they are one huge family that look out for each other and will always be by each other’s side for the rest of their lives. One perfect happy family unit, I love the connected family!

Although Fixed could be read as a standalone it will give away details of the characters from the previous books and personally to fully enjoy and appreciate this series I highly recommend starting with the first book in the series, Doubt.

This series is packed full of romance, humour, suspense and many a hot moment!

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