Review – Assisting Aimee (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Susan Stoker

The Omega Team: Assisting Aimee (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Delta Force Heroes Book 99)The Omega Team: Assisting Aimee (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Susan Stoker
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5 Stars!!!

Aimee and Tony have admired each other from afar, neither having the courage to ask the other out. When Tony finally finds the courage there is an incident at school that brings to the forefront just how strong their feelings for each other are.

Another great book by Susan Stoker and a great novella to the Delta Force Heroes series; Susan’s books always have strong characters and always hold a little twist, Assisting Aimee is no different.

What was different about this book for me, is that as strong an alpha as Tony was he also had an underlying condition that he battled with daily, one that when under high stress and in terrifying situations could go one of two ways for him. Aimee saw this and was a strong supportive friend for Tony. She was able to act quickly, safely and without second thought for how dangerous their situation was; her priority were the children.

It’s a refreshing change to read a book and find the female lead showing the strength and support for the leading male, showing that men need help sometimes and we shouldn’t forget that men are human too. This isn’t to say that Tony wasn’t a hero, he and Aimee made a great team.

Aimee was strong, funny, loyal and hard working. Her job and the children she taught were very important to her.

Tony was a tough, strong, funny, loyal and caring man. The children he taught and his job were very important to him. He was fulfilling a promise with his job and helping to heal his soul at the same time.

I loved this story; Susan Stoker’s books are always a pleasant, enjoyable, easy and captivating read. Each book has something different and we always get a happy ending. Susan’s books never fail to pick me up and give me a much needed lift.

If you love contemporary military romances that are captivating, have humour and suspense you will love not only Assisting Aimee by Susan Stoker but all of her books, I highly recommend this author.

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2 Replies to “Review – Assisting Aimee (Kindle Worlds Novella) by Susan Stoker”

  1. I loved your review! It’s refreshing to have someone say what they liked or disliked, without retell in the story. Your review would make me want to read it, if I hadn’t already.

    1. Thank you Ruth for your kind words.

      I myself dislike spoiler reviews and I always try hard when writing a review to not let big plot twists etc slip.

      Alison x

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