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Dark ‘N’ Stormy (Cocktail Series Book #3)

By Angela Stevens


Twenty-three-year-old Finn enjoys playing the field, but when a one night stand turns into something more, Finn is ready to jump on the relationship bandwagon. Thirty-three-year-old Julia Royston is everything Finn desires—blonde, sexy, and naughty in bed. But this love thing isn’t as plain sailing as he’s seen advertised. While Finn puts his past behind him, Julia’s rears its ugly head and Finn’s carefree life turns dark and stormy.

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A knock on the door disturbed Finn in mid-sweep. An attractive woman in her mid-thirties with long blonde hair and stark blue eyes sauntered in wearing skyhigh heels. She was overdressed for the rink in her smart pencil skirt and blouse, and he wondered who her kid was. He hadn’t seen her around before—he would have remembered her, for sure.

“Can I help you?” Finn put down his broom and went to speak to her.

His eyes roamed over her slim figure. She noticed him looking and ogled him back. Touché mademoiselle.

“I came to watch a friend’s kid play a game, but I got delayed.” She stared at the empty rink. “Did I miss it?” She had an air of confidence about her.

“Well, that depends. What level do they play? We have two rinks, Midgets finished thirty minutes ago, but Squirts are still playing on the Olympic rink.”


He laughed. “The oldest group, high schoolers. The squirts are nine and ten.”

She shrugged her shoulders “Kid’s about this big.” She stuck her hand out showing the height. “Will that be the younger ones?”

Finn nodded.

“Down there?” She pointed back through the double doors.

“Yeah. They’re about ten minutes left on the clock. If you’re quick, you’ll catch them.”

“Thanks. I don’t know why I said I’d come, I can’t bear the little monster, but I owed his mom a favor.” She held out her hand.

Finn shook it. “You’re welcome.”

She held the handshake longer than he expected and kept her eyes locked on his.

Finn leaned against the doorjamb and watched her walk away. Her hips pulled against the fabric of her tailored skirt, adding to the tantalizing sexy sway of her ass as she strode back across the rink. Boy, that’s one red-hot mama.

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